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New with in prog costume

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Hey I'm new here! I'm working on a CJS costume. I even get to play him at a big halloween event in my city called boo at the zoo ^___^

I have almost all of my costume done, the pics have me in the clothing pieces. I love how the coat come out and the vest. The red paint for my sash turned out brighter then I wanted so I'll have to redo that along with my pirate shirt since it was a bit *hum*....low cut for a girl. I added laces to fix it.

I'll definatly have pictures once I have my wig, fake facial hair and make up on because they really make the costume. ( I also forgot one of my rings, and my sailors palm in these test pics >.<)

close detial of the costume. No it's not hand stitched, I know a woman who's a tailor so she had a really good sewing machine that let you do that ^^
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