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Will Turner: Moderator

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For those of you who don't know me, I'm Estel, the 'official' mod of this community.

I always feel so terrible about how little I actually 'maintain' this community. I'm glad to see so many people are interested in this group and I love looking at all the costumes that get posted in here! I've been hugely behind on posting anything here, mostly because I've been busy with conventions and then school.

I'm going to make an effort to actually work on the community and see if I can't get my act together!

A bit about what I've been up to:

This summer was full of Pirates mania.

I went to the Disneyland red carpet for At Worlds End, which was tiring but a lot of fun. I wore my Pirates 2 leather coat as I had for the Dead Mans Chest red carpet.

I was at the Pirates Marathon at the El Capitan and wore not one, not two, but all three of my Will Turner costumes throughout the day. I wore one from each movie. My friends and I were in this photo in the LA Times after the event.

At Anime Expo 2007 in Long Beach, I was working at the Rum Party in my Pirates 3 garb. And was out and about in it again at the San Diego Comic Con.

I'm currently working on improving my Pirates 3 costume, including adding the waistcoat and frock. I've also been working on my makeup for the scar on Will's chest (a few examples: Comic Con Talk like a Pirate Day)

As always, feel free to talk about your projects, post pictures, talk details, and events! Post your questions and what not, too!
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