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aye, the broccade

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Since my friend still has my Nikon camera, I had to do a little MacGuyver'ing to my Kodak to bring you these pictures.

Here's what I've been gushing about the last few days on my own journal. New boots, bauldric, buckle, and a little bit of action with my replica ring, kiddie compass and kiddie pirate sword :)

New pirate booty!Collapse )

I've learned a few things this week: 1) you don't need a $200 bauldric to be bad ass 2) you don't need a uber expensive replica compass to look cool 3) you don't need $350 boots to look pirate-y

So yes! That's that! How are you all doing on your costumes? :)

By the way, if anyone is interested in seeing the finished FINISHED product (coat, hat, crepe hair beard and ALL) I'll be wearing this at YaoiCon come October 20th through the 22nd ;) Since I couldn't make it to SentiCon, I figure this is the next best thing.
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Went to Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween Party last weekend, thought you'd like to see pictures.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The rest are here:




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Just a quick update on my Tia Dalma Dress.

EnjoyCollapse )


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I've made many updates to my husband's costume, including a new wig, head scarf and frock coat. I've also added/changed buttons on the breeches and waistcoat. Thanks Megablocks for the compass. ;)

(fake cut to my journal for pics)

cross-posted all across teh internets

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Tis Your friendly cosplay entertainment director that "themes" and creates "interactive entertainment" experiences for conventions. I know after this summer's movie blockbuster sequel there are alot of cosplayers with a renewed love for the character Captain Jack Sparrow so I'm wondering do any of you working on (or having completed) such a costume live in the Texas (specifically Chorpus Christi) area? We are looking SPECIFICALLY for a Jack Sparrow ONLY at this time. All other character slots have been filled for the production. Sorry. ^^; Becoming a part of the voulenteer cosplay entertainment troupe will gain you the following benefits!

- Free admission for all 3 days of the con
- Access to all backstage areas and break rooms
- Access to the Cosplay Troupe Green Room
- Access to emergency "Cosplay Crisis Equipment" in Green Room
- You will be provided snacks/drinks to keep you healthy and entergetic!
- The chance to work with and socialize with an array of special guests!
( Yes, they will prob. sign anything you want and you won't have to wait in line)
- Quote one of the con directors...
"We'll prob. let them eat with the guests at dinner as well." (more free food)
- Press, Publicity, and Photos galore for your on stage cosplay performances!
- A curteous staff ready to attend your every need for optimum performance!

What you will be required to do as the Captain:

You will absoloutely NOT be just standing and modeling the cosplay. That being said if your shy this isn't the gig your looking for. The ability to voice project is a must, sounding like the Cap'n is a plus, and you will be participating in a brief performance at opening and closing ceremonies... and then there's the obviuos. You need to have a Captain Jack Sparrow cosplay. We don't care what version, as long as it's recognizable and as close to accurate to the film's versions as possible. You will also be spending the majority of Saturday walking around carrying a large jar of dirt. Please comment in this journal. You can also e-mail the creative director ( MissCeleste@galaxypro.org ) directly, or send an e-mail into the Asst. Director of Realmscon at ( AsstDirector@realmscon.com ) stating you are interested in playing Jack Sparrow for Realmscon's "Interactive Scavanger Hunt". You CAN be a cross player. (female Jack) We don't care. As long as you can pull off the look and the voice.

Convention Dates: September 15th-17th
Location: Corpus Christi, Texas
Character Role Commitment: Will need you all 3 days of the con
Benefits: Admission, Food, Green Room, Personal Liason, Publicity, No Line/No Wait

Desired Cosplay Entertainer's Reference Picture

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thank you for your time! If you have any further questions feel free to ask!
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I am so sorry I havent updated sooner. But here they are. Updates of the dress. The bare bones to it is almost done. I have to finish the sleeves, and finish the back and the front and the bare bones part of it will be done. Then i have to adorn it with shells and things, and tatter it, and eventually let is soak in tea. But. I have a great start. I move next weekend. And will take a break after that. But the goal was to get the dress done, so i could adorn it, once i'm moved. Enjoy!!

Obviously Picture HeavyCollapse )
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I've been busily working at Will Turner's costume from Pirates 2. Its a piece of work, too. Its nearly done. I've already worn it to Comic Con, Anime Expo, and the Dead Man's Chest midnight at the El Captitan in LA.

This is a side-by-side comparison with the costume on display at the El Capitan.

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As some of you know... I'm making Tia Dalma's dress. I decided to make a journal to track my progress. Feel free to add the journal, and i'll add you back.


Thanks for all the support! It motivates me to really work hard at this!

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I found this community, through some other Pirate communities and this is my first post! (x-posted)

Just thought you guys would be interested in this.

I'm making Tia Dalma's dress for Halloween. Or more specifically for Mickey's No So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom, at Disney World. I'm also going to wear it to other events around Tampa Bay.

I thought I'd update you guys with the progress if you care. Yesterday was day one of sewing, and I'll have pics up later tonight. But heres post 1.

The dress I'm making:

The base for that dress: (so im not starting from scratch)

Found at Salvation Army for $20.00

Last night I made 30 or so patches and started sewing the base of the skirt, and pleating it. I'm hand sewing all of it. Not because I dont have a sewing machine. But because Tia more than likely made hers, and its a scrappy sewn together dress, and thats how I want it to look. I already have all the fabric. I have a dreadlocks wig that I still have to style, and add feathers, beads and bone to. I also bought makeup, and teeth stain (didnt even know they made this!) And i'll be going for a spray on tan the two days before I go to appear darker. And I'll use dark foundation and such, because as you can see, i'm very white. lol. Also I realize I'm sorta fat and Tia (naomi) is a stick person, but the dress is bulky enough on her, that I dont think will be an issue. Im just much more "hippi"ier than Tia is. hehe. And if receive enough postive response I'll keep updating.

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I'm in the process of making galleries of costume studies for those interested in re-creating POTC costumes. If ScrapBook would upload my pics, there'd be more to enjoy. *sigh*

So far, I have uploaded Captain Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth's wedding gown, Governor Swann, and Will's wedding outfit.

If anyone has any nice, clear pictures they'd like to share, I'd be glad to add them to my galleries. I wanted to make a nice resource for costumers because I know how frustrating it can be trying to find a photo of the back of a costume or some specific detail.

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