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Pirates · of · the · Caribbean · Costume · Community

The Invisible Mod Returns

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I feel like I created this community and let it fall off my radar for a wile. Sorry guys!

I really am around still - I just got swallowed up by college and the like. I just surfed through all the stuff that people have been doing, and I'm excited about (well, I'm always excited about) pirates costumes. So, here I am, at your disposal once more.

Pirates costumes and related stuff that's been going on:

+rumparty : This is a group of pirates (myself included) that run pirate Rum Parties at conventions all throughout California. We're always looking for others to help or just people interested in attending!
+Pirates 3 is filming in southern California for its final shoots. There are always auditions for extras. For casting information, see Sande Alessi Casting.
+If anyone else has anything, feel free to let us know!

I personally have been busy working on a non-main-character pirate costume for my off time from Will.

If anyone has any sewing questions, reference needs, or other things to talk about, that's what we're here for!
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