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It's been awhile, eh?  Well I've started sewing the bodice for…

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It's been awhile, eh? 
Well I've started sewing the bodice for the costume and finished the flowers on the bottom skirt (pictures will be posted soon) as well as found the fabric for the overskirt (yay!). So, when I go home (on Friday) I'll be bleaching it to make it lighter, then just finishin the elastic waist and doing the gold stripes for it as well. 

Also ordered the fabric for the jacket and the trim for the overskirt so I'm pretty much done with buying any fabric (I might need to see if I can find some for the shoes but that's about it...). So as soon as I get that, I'm bleaching it (tis too dark) and then sewing it again. 

*Hopefully* I'll be done with the entire costume by the 22 of May (so soon..argh!!). 

But mainly I need to buy the following to feel safe about it: 

teeth blackener
belt (possibly, I might have one) 

and then I'm done!! 
I've been working on this costume for awhile, so I'm going to be glad to be done with it and see the final project. 
As for the Tia claw-necklace, it's not going to be shipped for a bit. It doesn't come out until May (which is *obviously* this month) so hopefully I'm getting it before the show, I just have to make sure to give my RA's the return address for myself. If not, it's okay, I've got the chicken's foot (which looks AMAZING). 

So as soon as I can, I'll post up pictures. ^_^ 

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On September 3rd, 2007 05:15 am (UTC), mrsjingles commented:
Ho my gosh, where did you find the chicken's foot!?!? I too am making a Tia Dalma costume, and I have looked everywhere, including Asian supermarkets.
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On September 5th, 2007 06:55 pm (UTC), translucentflam replied:
I actually had my room mate make it because she's great at stuff like that. It came out amazing. She just used black clay and I cooked it for awhile. I don't think anyone has been fully successful in finding a chicken's foot though. I think you might actually need to call us a chicken processing plant and get one. :X As much that's a weird and kinda nasty way to get one.
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